The drinking and driving is common in all countries the alcoholic consumption in person will be tested based on the amount of alcohol contained in the person’s blood. For example if a person have 0.08% alcoholic level in the body then it is considered as very dangerous so he will punished under law group. But if the level of alcohol is below 0.04% then it is not an offensive one, the alcohol is very instant drug it affects the brain within ten minutes after consumption so the person will go out of control over his vehicle and this leads to accidents with lawyers. Always find a BBB Accredited Lawyer.

The DUI follows different law groups and that differs in each country but the punishment will be severe for every person. The person who causes accidental injuries in others under alcoholic influence will be fined for their activity and they should also experience jail terms. The drunk and drive is an offensive crime and the law group for each country will be segregated based on their governmental orders. For East Asia the law group fines people for two thousand dollars and the license of the driver will be suspended for six months. Within the six months of duration the drive cannot able to drive his vehicle outside. In southern Asian countries the fine is for about two thousand country money value and six months license suspension.

The law groups in Asian countries will segregate their punishment based on the BAC or blood alcoholic content in the body, the alcoholic level of 0.03-0.08% will experience same punishments. In northern America the tourists and the people who are arrested for drunk and drive case will experience ten years of jail terms and along with that the license suspension and fine amount should be paid to the court.

European law group for drunk and drive case

In each European country different law groups are followed for example in Germany the unprofessional driver will be fined for five hundred pounds and along with that the license will be suspended for six months. In France the people who have 0.03%to 0.05 percentage of alcoholic content in their blood will experience five years license suspension along with that they have to pay one hundred and thirty five dollars. The people who are having 0.08% of alcoholic content in their blood will get two years jail terms and they have to pay four thousand five hundred dollars as fine.

Punishments followed in Italy and Finland

The Finland will suspend the license for five years and the suspension will be extended based on the alcoholic content in the blood. The Italy follow strict DUI laws the people who are under 0.05 to 0.08 percentage of alcoholic influence will be punished with the fine amount of one hundred and twenty five pounds to two thousand pounds. The license will be suspended for six months, the people who are under 0.08 to 0.16% of blood alcoholic content will face serious punishment they have to pay three thousand pounds along with six months jail terms.