Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol is also considered as driving while intoxication, it is a crime of driving a car or motor vehicle when a person is impaired by alcohol or drugs. The drugs include all the medicines even which physician has prescribed, people who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol is not capable of driving the vehicle. A person who consumed alcohol will be checked based on the amount of alcohol contained in his blood and if it is known to be extended beyond threshold level then they are committing a criminal offense.

The threshold level of the alcohol content has extended to 0.05 % or 0.08%then the person will be punished under the law. In some cases the BAC or Blood alcohol content will be ranging up to   0.12%. In all the countries people who are killed or injured others under the alcohol influence will be punished heavily and they will also be fined for their illegal activity. DUI or drug influenced driving will cause more than forty five billion dollar damage to the country every year. The alcoholic driving was first come into practice in the year 1897 when the first London driver meets with the accident because of his alcohol consumption.

The drinking and driving is not only for the people who are driving the vehicle under the alcoholic influence it also for the one who skate or ride a horse under drug influence. Having a physical contact with the vehicle or car after alcohol consumption will be treated as offense by the government. The BAC or blood alcohol content will be used to verify every driver who is under alcoholic influence. It will be calculated by the simple percentage where the alcoholic content in blood by weight is measured and filled as a case.

The risk of driving under alcoholic influence

The count of BAC or blood alcoholic content decides the risk of a person if a human body contains 0.01 % to 0.05% of alcoholic content then he is under the risk of driving. People whose BAC content have 0.05%tp 0.07% have high risk of accident and people who are under 0.01 to 0.04 will face lower risk because they are very cautious over accidents. In certain studies it shows that people who are under 0.04% of alcoholic content are considered as non drinkers. And in other studies it shows people who have 0.07% of alcoholic content will be punished under the law group.

Lawyers for DUI

The DUI attorneys are specialized criminal attorneys they will take charge of the drunk and drive cases and the try to protect the legal rights of the person. The lawyers will reduce the punishment of the person and help him to get proper justice. The criminal lawyers are very famous in every country to find the best lawyer we can search in the internet or contact the court officials. Most of the popular lawyers will have websites so visit their official website and find the best law group in Oakland.