The drunk and drive law was followed from 1897 in London, the case was filed against a driver who committed accident under alcoholic influence. The driving under alcoholic influence is very dangerous because the alcohol has a tendency to mix with blood stream so the blood will be travelled to the brain and it affects its functionality. So when the brain loses its control automatically the driver cannot able to concentrate in his vehicle and he may result in accident. The drunk and drive case is not only filed for a person who commits accident but any man or women who have physical contact with the vehicle under the influence of alcohol will be  punished under law group.

OAKLAND DUI checkpoint

The DUI laws are distinguished based on the level of BAC or blood alcoholic content, people who have 0.01-0.05 percentage of alcoholic content in blood will face very milder punishment. But when the percentage increases to 0.08 to 0.012 the punishment will be very higher and the fine amount will also be higher. So people should understand the law group and should drive their vehicles responsibly. Apart from alcoholic consumption the drug usage will also result in problems. It might be best at this point to seek out a DUI Attorney in Oakland.

The drugs not only include street drugs but also the doctor prescribed medicines these drugs will dissolve in the blood very easily and affect the human brain activity. So people who are under drug or alcoholic influence will be treated as the same and will be punished for their offense. Those who are arrested for drunk and drive case can get help from the criminal lawyers who are specialised in those cases. They will minimize the penalty charges and reduces the jail terms so choose the right attorney to fight for your case. Every qualified criminal attorney has an official website so find them in internet and contact them to consult your case.

Laws followed in southern America

The South America has different countries like Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Paraguay and etc. These countries follow different law groups for drunk and drive case, in Brazil the people who have 0.06% of blood alcoholic content will face twelve months of license suspension and   people who have more than 0.06% of alcoholic content in blood then it will be considered as criminal offense. In Columbia the people who are under influence of alcohol should pay fine amount of nine hundred and fourteen dollars and their license will be under suspension for one year.

Laws followed in United Kingdom

The UK follows very strict law groups and the DUI laws will get fine amount of five thousand dollars and six months of jail terms. The license will be suspended for one year as a punishment; the driver will be banned from driving for three years in the roads of United Kingdom. People who cause careless death and injuries in other people under drug influence will face fourteen years of jail terms and along with that they will be banned for two years in United Kingdom roads. After two years they need to pass a simple test to continue driving in the roads of United Kingdom.